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TCFV Credit Card Documentation & Other Processes

Review and Important Reminders on Credit Card Documentation and Other Processes

It’s been a year since we made the Credit Card processing changes that were implemented and outlined by Tristan on June 09, 2020. Again, thank you all for the diligence in implementing those changes, for good organizational governance.

Our Best Practices (BPs) for good organizational governance is a system of policies, processes, and rules that direct and guide our business’s behavior. TCFV’s framework for our credit-card processing, our communication platforms and other compliance needs defines the relationship between shareholders, management, the Board of Directors, and other key stakeholders.  

BPs for good organizational governance for us will foster a more enriched culture of integrity and leads to a positive performing and sustainable business.  

So, here we are, a year later, let’s review and remind ourselves of our process and a continued commitment to stick to our deadlines and ALL proper documentation sent to AP/Emma timely is much appreciated.

For reference, attached is the original email from Tristan, sent last year. Outlined below are those critical due dates, we must continue to be cognizant of, in order to process ALL of our organizational credit card expenses timely and accurately.

Please put these due date reminders in your calendars! When Team Finance/AP hasn’t received all of our organization’s proper credit card documentation, per our due dates, grants and operational billings are adversely effected. Your renewed commitment to help us succeed and get OUR projects properly funded & timely reporting, is needed for TCFV to be successful!

On the 4th - 6th of every month: Please check your personal TCFV credit card account to make sure you have submitted all your receipts for the prior billing cycle. The billing cycles end on the 3rd of each month, so the cycle runs from the 3rd of prior month to the 3rd of current. As our business has increased, we are all asking staff to print their own statements moving forward to help stay on task. If you are not able access your personal statements, please reach out to Tierney to email you one, only after your attempts are not successful.

On the 9th of each month: ALL receipts, Purchase Requisitions (PR’s), Travel forms for that month of travel are due into Tierney, signed and approved by your supervisor. This should all be placed in the monthly packet together, as one bundle. Feel free to ask Tierney, AP/Emma or post a question in the slack channel #help-finance if you have any questions. Format as such in Adobe in the following order:

• Your credit-card statement

• Your Purchase Requisition/PR’s signed and approved in statement order

  • with each receipt behind the corresponding PR. Please, Please do not send receipts or PR’s separately anymore.
  • submit as one complete statement, part of TCFV’s original Credit Card processing expectations sent out 6/9/2020.

On the 10th of each month: if Tierney has not received your Credit Card receipts from the prior month, she will send a reminder regarding due dates & items needed.  If at during a time of request and requested documentation is with your supervisor after due date, please let Tierney know so she can follow up with them.

Additional Resources: both of these documents have been added to Docs and Forms

  • TCFV’s most current Chart of Accounts with current Project and Funding Codes
  • TCFV’s Tax Exempt form, which would just need dated and signed upon using
    (any staff member can sign it at time of purchase; please remember to always use the tax-exempt form)

Lastly, good organizational governance signals to the market that TCFV is well managed and that the interests of staff and management are aligned with other stakeholders.

Thanks again for all your continued collective cooperation!

Please chime in to the slack channel #help-finance if you have any questions.